Supporting Our Local Community

Arete CrossFit are passionate about supporting our local community here in Richmond and the Greater Western Region and are proud to partner with those around us that offer the same excellence we strive for.

Greater Western Health

Greater Western Allied Health

Greater Western Health is a newly established allied health clinic specialising in podiatric and physiotherapy services.

Greater Western Health was previously known as Hawkesbury Podiatry, which serviced the Hawkesbury area for 25 years, but now has shifted its focus to achieving better holistic health outcomes for all types of patients through an integrated allied health team.

Greater Western Allied Health work with us everyday to provide quality Prehab & Rehab right here at Arete CrossFit’s gym and the man himself, Tom, trains with us day in, day out!

TRU Body Composition Analysers are the leading mobile body composition scanning team in Sydney, servicing gyms and corporate facilities alike.

The team at TRU BCA have been working alongside Craig and the team since August 2018 assisting the members of Arete CrossFit in measuring and monitoring their body composition, ensuring they are always striving towards their current goals and how to make changes through nutrition, recovery and lifestyle to stay on track

TRU Body Composition Analysers

TRU Body Composition Analysers

Simple Media

Simple Media are a tightly knit team of designers based in the Blue Mountains and Penrith who are passionate creators.

Their services offer solutions for all branding needs in one place, whether it’s logo and print design or website design and development.

These guys designed and developed our gorgeous new website and helped us realise both our brand and logo. While they seem to always be very busy, they bring the goods and we love them!

Other Partners and Sponsors

  • First National Real Estate Richmond
  • Super Cubes Frozen Smoothies

Want to Partner Up?

We’re all about the buddy system and helping each other out at Arete CrossFit. If you’d like to partner up with us in some way, give us a shout through our contact form and we’d love to chat!

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