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FOUR Options

The four options have different price points.  We want to keep you motivated and connected to Arete.  This may even introduce you to Arete.  We want to give you the ability to keep training effectively with the resources you have.  We can even loan you equipment with some of these options.

Base Level Training

$10 per Week
  • A daily workout put on SugarWod anyone can do anywhere.
  • Body Weight movements and conditioning workouts.
  • Interaction can occur between members and coaches when they record their results in SugarWOD.

Personalised Online Physical Coaching

$25 per week
  • Choose Jon or Shay as your Coach
  • Client to advise coach of access to equipment and resources. Coach to write a weekly program for client based on that equipment available.
  • Training based on personal goals (Pistol Squats, HSPU, BW Push Ups, Running, fitness, etc)
  • Access to Base Level Training
  • Videos sent to coaches to receive feedback on performance and technique.

Personalised Online Nutrition Coaching

$25 per Week
  • Weekly online check-ins (option of face-to-face check-ins).
  • Access to shared google sheet.
  • On-going support, education & feedback.
  • Access to education booklet, meal + recipe template & Facebook members group.
  • You also have access to Base Level Programming

Personalised and Nutrition Coaching Combo

$40 per Visit
  • All of the above criteria for the online physical and nutrition coaching apply here.

Please contact us if you would like some help during this time by emailing richard@aretecrossfit.com.au

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